Hair removal
Hair Removal: Essential Facts and Fables

The three most helpful hair removal facts and fables at a glance:

‘Does hair grow back thicker, darker and coarser after shaving?’

‘Does waxing cause less hair growth?’

‘Does your hair grow more quickly in the summer?’

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stem cells in creams
Applying Stem Cells in Creams

If there were a top ten of anti-ageing products which could shrink everything except your wrinkles, at most your bank balance, then stem cells in creams would rate highly. Although stem cell research actually can and should change medical science, research into the application is still in its early stages. Also in the area of skin rejuvenation.

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Probiotics in Skincare

My children have a small bottle of Yakult with their breakfast each morning. I initiated this routine after a fascinating reading by a Paediatrician about the advantageous effect of probiotics. My only concern is that the contents of the bottle of Yakult are not quite the same as that tested in the research world. In the meantime, my kids are enjoying that tasty sweet drink containing healthy live bacteria, so withdrawing it is out of the question!

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How Do You Prevent and Treat Scars?

An accident in the kitchen, falling off your bike, or that huge spot on your chin that you just can’t leave alone… Your skin protects your body against external damage, but sometimes it isn’t strong enough. And then it is important to know what you can do to help your skin heal. For scars are awful and prevention is better than cure!

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Facts and Fables about Acne

After the episode of Zapp (broadcast on the 6 February 2016) it was again apparent how difficult it is to change those fables surrounding the causes of acne. It’s time to clear up the most popular ones…

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acne teenagers
A Step-By-Step Plan for Teenagers with Acne

Acne is occurring at an increasingly younger age. Research has found that an increasing number of children between the ages of 8 and 12 are suffering from spots. So, it is not surprising that a question relating to this came up on the childrens programme Zapp. Because: how do spots actually appear at this young age? What can you, yourself, do and when should you go to the Doctor? For all readers who, like myself, have young teenagers at home, here is a step-by-step plan for when the first impurities appear on the skin.

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Is Cleaning with the Clarisonic Good for the Skin?

I regularly receive questions about the much publicised popular cleansing brush, the Clarisonic. Is this technique actually any good for your skin? Does it work and is it safe?

You can assume that the research on the use of this, so-called, sonic brush has been carried out by the manufacturers themselves. And so, naturally, you are going to see super results such as it cleanses six times more thoroughly, a more radiant complexion, less enlarged pores and even a reduction in wrinkles and creases. Is that true? Is that possible?

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lip balm
Addicted to Lip Balm

The gloves and scarves have been recalled from the attic and the car windscreen has to be scraped in the mornings and then we all reach for the lip balm. And that is not always wise. Because you can turn, in no time, from an occasional user into an outright lip balm addict.

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Hand Care

Research has shown that people, on average, wash their hands 8.6 times a day. It is actually slightly higher for women; they scrub their hands a minimum of 10 times a day. All that washing is completely understandable when you think that around 80% of infections are spread through contact, but it is not as beneficial for the skin on your hands. Soap and water are an assault on the skin and all that washing doesn’t give the skin enough time to recover. And in the winter months your hands have to endure even more with the cold, wind, rain, low humidity and extra hot showers. Today I’ve got some hand care tips that they’ll stay in top condition.

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How to Take Years Off Your Hands

“If you really want to know the age of a woman, look at her hands, don’t look at her face. The face may trick you, but the hands never do.”

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